Compact Tray Washer

Compact Tray Washer

The Compact Tray Washer is your all-in-one tray/raft sanitization system. The space saving design features three unique stages - Washing, Drying, and Sanitizing. In just seconds, it will take recently harvested trays and make them plant-ready, keeping your facility operating at maximum efficiency. The Compact Tray Washer gives you increased energy and water savings over cleaning trays by hand, as well as being environmentally friendly and chemical free.

This system is recommended for growers who harvest up to 500 trays / rafts a day.

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Water Savings
Built in water recovery systems for minimal water usage.
Using UVC technology, your trays are sanitized without the use of harmful chemicals.
Space-saving design
The compact design works with trays or rafts up to 30" tall, and perfect fit for smaller facilities.

Product info

Washing Stage

All trays / rafts undergo a fine debris removal by high pressure washing. The built-in water recovery design during the washing and drying stages means substantial water savings for your business.

Drying Stage

Air knives dry the trays / rafts using a continuous flow of air from all sides as they pass through this section. The specialized air knives give you added energy savings over traditional compressor-based systems.

Sanitization Stage

Uses UVC germicidal technology to quickly sanitize your trays / rafts without the use of harsh chemicals. UVC has been proven to eliminate weed seeds, soil insects, saprophytic and plant pathogenic fungi, as well as E. coli, Salmonella, and Listeria.

Technical Specifications

  • Cleans all types of trays and rafts
  • Hot water heater for rinsing stage
  • Chemical integration
  • PLCs and HMIs for pre-programmed settings
  • Full automation and integration into your existing production line
Optional Customizations
  • Hot water heater for rinsing stage
  • Chemical integration
Compatible Equipment

Other Information

  • The Compact Tray Washer is shipped in a crate and is ready to install upon arrival. There is minor assembly required to attach blower and reservoir systems.
  • 1 year Warranty
  • Replacement parts available

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