Tabletop Harvester

Our Tabletop Harvester is a great asset for smaller scale farms or start farms who don’t mass produce but could use an automated way to help with harvesting. This harvest will provide you with no handling of your greens while being harvested. It will provide you a clean and consistent cut. We recommend this size harvester for farmers who are harvesting anywhere from 50-500 trays a day. This machine accepts 12″trays, modular belting and is portable. It is taking harvesting to a whole new level.

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Small-scale Harvesting
The harvester is a great asset for farms harvesting 50-400 trays a day.
Operation and Setup
Simplified control panel makes for easy harvesting.
Adjustable Blade Height
Easily modify the cut height with our adjustable handle.

Product info

The Tabletop Harvester was engineered and designed for speeding up the process of harvesting a large variety of microgreens. This machine has been designed to ensure your greens stay fresh and vibrant as it provides a fast, clean cut allowing your product to move to the next stage quicker. The harvester is ergonomically friendly and is most efficient when two people are operating. It is recommended that one person loads from the front end and the other person unloads from the back end. The trays are placed on a manual roller style conveyor and as they are harvested the greens are separated onto an automatic incline conveyor belt. The greens are then dropped into a basket ready to be moved to the next stage of processing.

Technical Specifications

Main Features
  • Infeed conveyor belt;
  • 2 E-stop buttons;
  • Easy-to-use control panel;
  • Cutter motor;
  • Blade tip guard;
  • Incline conveyor belt;
  • Tote stand;
  • Adjustable blade height;
  • Variable conveyor speed;
  • Removable belts for cleaning.
  • 88.25” length;
  • 29” width;
  • 59.25” incline conveyor height.

Other Information

The Harvester is shipped in a crate and is ready to install upon arrival, no assembly required. Replacement parts available.
Conveyor Add On
Transport your product with minimal effort by adding a conveyor to your Hamill APS harvester! Contact us for details!

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