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Agricultural Processing Solutions

Who We Are

Hamill Machine started business in 1948 as a general machine shop servicing Niagara Falls. Today Hamill has diversified into manufacturing for the industrial sector, wine producers, food producers and serves the US and Canada, and has now created a specific subsidiary,  Hamill Agricultural Processing Solutions focused solely on the Agricultural sector.  We are designing and building custom processing equipment to better improve your production and aid your business’s bottom line.

We are now excited about entering a new area of growth for us and the whole economy.  We are already selling our microgreen processing equipment across North America.  We will also soon be selling a range of cannabis processing equipment. We are going to have equipment that can help any size company maximize their production, especially in the harvesting and processing areas.

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Featured Projects


  • Kind Organics

    "We contracted Hamill to come up with a time and money saving solution for Microgreen Harvesting. Bob and his team were a pleasure to work with and we ended up with a product that greatly reduced our costs!" Tamas Dombi -President

  • The Herbman

    We operate a small microgreens farm in Ontario, and a few years ago we began offering a cut-style product. Prior to our relationship with Hamill Agricultural Processing Solutions, this was quite a labour-intensive, and time consuming process. Working with Hamill, we were able to purchase a conveyor-style harvesting machine that increases our productivity immensely. The harvester is easy to operate and maintain, and the customer service department at Hamill has been happy to provide us friendly and helpful support when needed. Thank you Hamill! -The Herb Man Inc. , St. Thomas, Ontario

  • M.T. Bellies

    Thank you, Hamill, for giving us options to help us maximize our cooler space!!!! Stacking and moving our kegs is now safer and easier. Your keg products give us the capabilities to add more product and are a great organization product. Great product

  • Rich Products Corporation

    Hamill Machine virtually keeps our plant running. They have re-designed problematic machines that would hamper production, do turn around repairs and provide spare parts. They also provide us with drawings of individual parts which allows for easy re-ordering. Hamill also provides us with millwrights on the weekends. They consistently get the job done. I would highly recommend them to any potential new customer.

  • Constellation Brands Canada Inc.

    I have personally dealt with Bob Benner and his team for 14 years now and they have consistently delivered quality products, irrespective of its complexity. We run production 24 hours a day and Hamill Machine always comes through when we need them most. From new design change parts, to installing complete bottling lines. Hamill has the know how, the engineering software and the personnel to carry out the required scope of work. I hope to continue this healthy business relationship with Hamill Machine.

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