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The Microgreens Harvester

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We have the systems and solutions to meet a wide range of growing environments. Download our Catalogue to see the latest in micro and baby greens technology.

12inch Harvester

Cutting-edge solutions for a fast-growing industry.

Hamill APS has engineered new equipment to help growers keep pace with the rapid growth of the "Super Food" industry.

Commitment to Innovation

Here at Hamill APS we are constantly improving our harvester technology. We invest our time, knowledge and customer feedback in order to keep pace with this ever-evolving industry.

Over 30 years experience

Hamill APS is a subsidiary of Hamill Machine - a custom machining company based in Niagara. Using the skills and talent gained from over 70 years in the machining industry, we have extended our service offering to include engineering and 3D printing.

Custom fit your space

Since our inception Hamill APS has worked with growers to create custom designed harvesters suited for their unique needs. Whether it’s extending a conveyor through a wall, or making harvesters up to 60” wide, our engineers welcome the challenge!

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What People Say About Us

"We contracted Hamill to come up with a time and money saving solution for Microgreen Harvesting. Bob and his team were a pleasure to work with and we ended up with a product that greatly reduced our costs!"

President - Kind Organics

"We operate a small microgreens farm in Ontario, and a few years ago we began offering a cut-style product. Prior to our relationship with Hamill Agricultural Processing Solutions, this was quite a labour-intensive, and time consuming process. Working with Hamill, we were able to purchase a conveyor-style harvesting machine that increases our productivity immensely. The harvester is easy to operate and maintain, and the customer service department at Hamill has been happy to provide us friendly and helpful support when needed. Thank you Hamill! "

The Herb Man Inc.
St. Thomas, Ontario
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