The Microgreens Harvester is a fantastic piece of machinery.  It has been engineered and designed with the farmer in mind.  Microgreens are such an amazing super food packed full of nutrients and are become a high demand.  However because of there delicacy and precision harvesting farmers cut by hand as there is no technology to properly harvest these little plants.  It takes a worker approx. 2 minutes to trim a tray by hand.  The harvester is the newest technology to take harvesting to a new level.  It can cut trays every 3 seconds while keeping the cut consistent and damage free.

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Our  Tray Sanitizer is a fast efficient way to sanitize your trays.  It is an easy load with speed control to control the recommend time in the machine.  This machine is compatible with up to 24″ wide trays.  This machine can be used for virtually anything in your clean space that requires sanitation.  If it can safely fit within the dimensions it can be ran through to be sanitized.

Our Tabletop Harvester is a great asset for smaller scale farms or start farms who don’t mass produce but could use a automated way to help with harvesting.  This harvest will provide you with no handling of your greens while being harvested.  It will provide you a clean and consistent cut.  We recommend this size harvester for farmers who are harvesting anywhere from 50-500 trays a day.  This machine accepts 12″trays, modular belting and is portable. It is taking harvesting to a whole new level.